Smoking is Girly which explains Obama’s “womanerisms”

We may finally have the answer to the effects of smoking on America’s first metrosexual president.

Apparently smoking may kill off the Y chromosome in men’s blood cells, and there are other side effects, according to the team of Finnish researchers.

Men who are missing the Y chromosome from their red blood cells have a higher risk of cancer, though they’re not sure why. It might even make a good cover story:


Published in Science, the researchers looked at blood samples from about 6,000 men taking part in other health studies and looked at their blood samples and lifestyle factors including age, blood pressure, diabetes and drinking. The more the men smoked, the more likely they were to be missing the Y chromosome in blood cells.

However, the research indicated that men who had quit smoking seemed to get the Y chromosome back.

“This discovery could be very persuasive for motivating smokers to quit,” Lars Forsberg, a researcher at Finland’s Uppsala University who led the study, said in a statement.

This certainly is a way to potentially track Obama’s actions. Let’s hope that when it comes to dealing with the War on Terror, Iran, Putin, and other matters of national security that Obama has truly quit smoking.

It might be that smoking damages DNA in general and that the Y chromosome, which is one of the smallest chromosomes in the human genome and already mutation-prone, is just more vulnerable, the researchers say. More research is needed to get the answer.

When you consider Obama’s propensity for LGBT issues, and the many signs that Obama has a corrupted Y-chromosome.

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