Surviving the Obama economy

Thanks to Obama, we’ve gone from people having good paying jobs, with the freedom to move around, to just barely hanging on to worthless jobs.

The administration that prides itself on growing welfare is no help for those with shrinking incomes. So the media needs to help.

If the media isn’t convincing you to love unemployment, they are happy to tell you how to stretch those EBT dollars. One such article was how to live paycheck to paycheck.

Great timing, though the Fed wants you to believe otherwise:


Those who live paycheck to paycheck are constantly short on cash, credit is shot, and they have no way to manage, despite Obama’s promise of hope and change. And you are not alone, as more┬áthan 25 million middle-class American families live paycheck to paycheck, according to a study this year from the Brookings Institution.

I love some of the ideas of the article, but I won’t bore you with them all.

Plan for the worst. If your money situation tends to go from OK to bad and then back to OK again, consider creating a regular budget and a worst-case-scenario budget, says Landon Vick, a financial advisor and planner in Cookeville, Tennessee. Then if your financial picture falls apart, you can switch to the latter budget, which eliminates the extras in your life.

Most people are already implementing the worst-case scenario plan! Under Obama, most people have lost equity in their homes, exhausted emergency funds, retirement savings, and have likely hit up family and friends just to keep the car or home from going into foreclosure.

Trim the fat. If you haven’t done this in a while, set aside some time to look at your budget. See if there are any services you’re paying for that you no longer use and can cancel, like a gym membership. Maybe it’s time to call your cable company and ask about cheaper subscription rates. Unless you’ve done this in recent months, there’s probably something you can pare down.

Seriously?! Most of us are well beyond fat-trimming, and we are cutting into muscle. There is no fat left to trim.

Try to save. You know this is a good idea, of course, and you know that it’s easier said than done. It may not be practical now to save for a retirement or your kids’ college education, or maybe you’re doing that but can’t save for anything else. Regardless, as Vick says, “saving, even small amounts at a time, builds a buffer for when money gets tight.”

This is really funny, particularly when you have people digging through sofa cushions to keep the “‘lectric” on.

These are great ideas for the gainfully employed who are living a bit beyond their means, and haven’t done a gut-check in some time. Unfortunately most Americans are far beyond this. And we have Obama and his uber Liberals to thank.

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