Trey Gowdy destroys Gruber

We’ve all been waiting to see Trey Gowdy destroy Gruber. The wait is over.

In this episode of the Trey Gowdy Show, Gowdy wants to know why Gruber called Americans stupid. Did he think the people are stupid or did he think the voters are stupid

Gruber describes his comments as glib. He was just fooling around, he said. Gruber wanted to appear SMART. An MIT PhD. Needs to appear smart? Such is the state of wackademia, that they don’t even know if they are smart.


“Are you using the venue as a defense for saying it, or for meaning it?” inquired Gowdy.

“Well, what did you mean by too stupid to understand the difference?”Gowdy dug deeper.

Gruber did as coached. He remained firmly impaled on the sword.

The fact is, Gruber knows the Liberal public is stupid, particularly the voting public. He would have saved himself a lot of problems by just admitting that he said what he meant, and he meant what he said.

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