Liberal finds out Trey Gowdy is bad to the bone in interrogations

If you’ve never seen Trey Gowdy interrogate somebody, then you have truly missed “art” in performing an interrogation.

Recently when Liberal Open Borders advocate Marielena Hincapie pulled out the race card during a hearing on Obama’s abuse use of executive power to grant amnesty to an enormous amount of illegals, Gowdy made it clear that he was having none of it.

Gowdy pointed out first that Obama as a senator strongly opposed amnesty. He said that he wished there was a republican president in office, as he would appreciate the chance to hold that president to the same standards to which he holds Obama.

After all these years of being called a racist, I felt the fresh breeze of Trey Gowdy. I’m not even ashamed to admit that Gowdy makes me want to put on some Barry White and get my man crush on, when the man bitch-slaps Liberals in this way.

Gowdy points out that no one can guess another’s motives, and that’s why we must inquire.

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