Two cops assaulted during ‘peaceful’ protests?

Two police officers were attacked at a Tea Party, said NO ONE EVER!

However, two cops assigned to protect the civil rights of a group of protesters in Brooklyn were violated themselves.

The protesters who were marching in support of Eric Garner bashed a patrol car window and began calling for the deaths of the officers.

“What do we want? Dead Cops! When do we want it? Now!”


The two officers assaulted were trying to stop some of the protesters from throwing a trash can onto some officers below them. Things escalated into an altercation, and the “peaceful” protesters attacked the two cops instead.

These do-gooders then tried to steal the cops’ radios and jackets,  as well as punching and kicking the two officers. The man who tried to throw the garbage can lost his bag in the fight, losing three hammers and a black mask to the police.

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