Unions are stupid all over the world

Most trade unions are vile, and it doesn’t matter where they are located.

Unions clam to represent their membership, but this is a lie.

Maurice Taylor, CEO of Titan International initially expressed interest in taking over the Goodyear tire plant in Amiens, northern France, a facility that is hemorrhaging money. Unfortunately for the workers, their union is involved.

And more umemployment is just what Amiens needs:


Taylor said that France should just become “communist,” as he explained the deal on French radio:

“You can’t buy Goodyear. Under your law, we have to take a minimum of 662 or 672 employees. You can’t do that. The most you could take is 333 … there’s no business for that plant now,” said Taylor.

“I tried to tell them all that before but you guys have got to wake up over there and tell the unions, ‘Hey if they’re so smart, they should buy the factory’.

“It’s stupid. It’s the dumbest thing in the world. France should just become Communist and then when it goes all bad like Russia did, then maybe you’d have a chance,” added Taylor.

“They get one hour for breaks and lunch, talk for three and work for three. I told this to the French union workers to their faces. They told me that’s the French way!” wrote Taylor.

Montebourg said of Taylor:

“Your extremist insults display a perfect ignorance of what our country is about…Be assured that you can count on me to inspect your tyre imports with a redoubled zeal,”

Well try inspecting NO tires!

If that’s not bad enough, in January workers held two executives hostage for 30 hours in a case of so-called “bossnapping,” when word got out about the closure of the Amiens plant.

It’s time capitalists begin controlling the political discourse, because money talk. Most of the time it’s best to keep the existing facility and workers, but not always. You can bet that tires will continue to be manufactured…perhaps just no in France!

Vive la Capitalistes!

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