“Wellness:” Code word for Fat Tax

Corporations sense what’s coming to ObamaCare, and it’s coming for self-indulgent employees.

By self-indulgent, I mean anybody who has a life that doesn’t revolve around FITNESS. If you’re a fatty who drinks and smokes, then ObamaCare is about to ruin your life.  Unless the Business Roundtable, an association of chief executive officers of 200 leading U.S. companies, is able to get the Fed to back off.

Apparently the First Lady (of starvation) may be moving from starving the poor to starving the working poor, as her fingerprints are all over this one.

To be compliant with ObamaCare, corporation employees and their spouses must undergo bio-metric screening for the “wellness programs.” Non-compliance results in a $4,000 fine for the employee.

I can see a world where fat people walk around sucking in their cheeks and their guts when HR people are around. Gotta look healthy for the fitness Nazis!

The government likes healthy, fit slaves, and not for the reasons they tell you.  If they can convince people to pay for health, that’s almost better than selling “air,” ergo the hoax of carbon footprints.

So, this wellness crap is not for your well-being. For all the government knows, fat people like being fat.

The Fed likes control. Mandating fitness is a good investment in mind-control, which is what is needed for wallet-control.  In other words, they don’t really care about health, they just care about behavior.

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Can they maneuver you with nonsense?  The answer is yes.



In the spirit of transparency, Roundtable members are scheduled to meet in private with President Obama to discuss their objections. We expect Obama to grab his pen and phone to make some special exemptions again.

If Obama dropped the wellness test requirement, though, the largest financial beneficiaries of Obamacare will come down hard on him. Biometrics is a gravy train for pharmaceutical and medical testing companies.

For the recipient of Obamacare it’s a scam for us according to this article:

1. Biometrics increase RX costs. The most common reaction to bad cholesterol numbers is seek medical care to treat symptoms (read: drugs)

2. Awareness does not lead to action. Newfound fears may catalyze flash-in-the-pan behavior changes, but rarely lead to improved long-term health habits.

3. Biometrics break the bank. At $40 to $50 per biometric test per employee, plus the cost of time and energy to coordinate the screening events, biometrics aren’t cheap.

4. Biometrics measure health failures, not successes. They are simply lagging indicators reflecting previous health decisions.

5. Biometrics don’t predict claims. Biometrics just reveal historical health decisions.

6. Masking of symptoms by drugs. For every person who seeks medical care to correct poor biometric results, one more patient will get a life-long regime of medication(s). Medications put risk factors in check at the expense of galvanizing long-term behavior change.

7. The missing link. The most important measure of a person’s health is cardiovascular fitness. Biometrics does not tell this but a cheap 3-minute test does.

Imagine what your credit card receipts would tell the government about your habits.

If the government can convince people to pay for health, that’s almost better than selling “air,” ergo the hoax of carbon footprints.

The Fed doesn’t really care about health, they just care about behavior. Can they maneuver you with nonsense?  The answer is yes.



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