How about this latest IRS screwup

I always thought the job as weatherman was ideal, given the number of times they get it wrong yet stay employed.

But meteorologists have nothing on the IRS.  Those people have cushy jobs with plenty of job security.

The IRS screwed up once again and paid $6 billion of taxpayers money in bogus child tax credits.

Don’t expect anyone in this liberal infested  agency to be fired, much less seeing those forced contributions return to your wallet.  The average salary for an IRS employee is $80,517, or slightly larger than a fry cook.

You cant beat the agency’s record of job security. Here are a couple of examples:

Joseph Grant was in charge of the  tax-exempt division, the area that discriminated against Barack Obama’s political enemies.  He didn’t get fired; the IRS announced he was leaving as part of a planned retirement, not a resignation. Grant wasn’t even the top executive.

The top banana during the years of discrimination was Sara Hall Ingram.  Was she punished or demoted?  Hell no.  Obama moved her over to the IRS’ Affordable Care Office as director; the chief enforcer for ObamaCare.  In that position Ingram has access to what the Wall Street Journal described as “the largest personal information database the government has ever attempted.”

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