9 Dying brands under Obama

If things are going so well in Obama’s economy, why don’t we FEEL it?

481 banks (and counting) have failed under Obama, and taxpayers were left holding the bag (pardon the bank robbing pun) for $71 billion of defaults. Couple this with the $787 billion in bailouts and you get “Obama Success!”

Obama fixed the problems, right? All that “cleansing” and it more difficult to get a loan today, than it was when Obama took office.

Perhaps that’s why according to the Huffington Post, there are 9 Iconic Brands That Could Soon Be Dead soon.


Businesses come and go. But they come and go a lot faster under Obama. And I’m not talking about “Joe Blow” companies, but icons of industry.

When people aren’t working, they don’t buy. And that’s why all sectors of the American (and world) economy are suffering.

Look at some of the names, Quiznos, JC Penney, Sears, Blackberry, Red Lobster, the WNBA. Yes, losing the WNBA might be the ultimate War on Women!

As you peruse the companies that are going under, consider their business models, and compare them to Obama’s approach to running America. The parallels are striking and scary.



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