Think America has allies in Middle East?

What a time for Saudi King Abdullah to die and the Yemeni government to collapse. Not that either have been true friends during the Era of O.

The man who won’t say Islamic terrorists, frees GITMO prisoners like little Mexican children say “chicklets”, and who has America’s military limping along like an old man with gout is in big trouble.

Iran and Syria remain hot beds, and you’d have to be one crazy Muslim to trust Obama.

Asked Friday about the chaos in Yemen, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said the administration is “committed” to the counterterrorism strategy against AQAP, which he said is probably the most dangerous Al Qaeda affiliate.

One thing is for sure. The world will be an interesting place when Iran gets nukes.

Regarding Iran and Yemen, Earnest asserted that it’s not clear that Iran is “exerting any kind of command and control” over the rebels in Yemen, despite their ties.

As for Saudi Arabia, Earnest said Obama hopes to speak with the new king in the coming days and expects a “strong relationship … will endure under the leadership of the new king.”

I’m sure Obama can hardly wait to bow to the new Saudi king.


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