Anti-cop protester gets rude awakening

Leftists are excellent at TALK! Generally speaking, they have little to no real world experience in what they talk about, and only blather about what they learned from the media or some worthless Leftist professor.

So when they are put in real world circumstances, they usually find the error of their ways.

While simulations are no “real world,” they come very close to mimicking reality, as this video shows:



And as Police One reports, when Liberals get anywhere near reality, their world falls apart.

PHOENIX — A Phoenix-area man known for his outspoken stance against law enforcement accepted an invitation from Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office to undergo shoot-no-shoot simulation training to better understand the stresses and split-second decisions officers are faced with.

Reverend Jarrett Maupin, a civil rights activist who organized protests following the officer-involved shooting in Ferguson, endured three shoot-no-shoot scenarios, each one followed by an evaluation of when he sensed a threat and why he drew his weapon.

My chief invited the mayor and city council members to a reality-based video course.

In the first scenario, Maupin approached a suspect in a parking lot and was ‘shot’ almost instantly. In the second, the reverend approached two men fighting, and fired his weapon when one of the men charged him.


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