BS Alert: Every 28 hours a black person is killed by a cop

I was on CNN with Marc Lamont Hill and he made the nonsensical claim that every 28 hours an unarmed black person is killed by a cop. Here he is saying the same thing to Larry Elder.



Even if it were true, it wouldn’t be that surprising. Based on that meme, 313 black people die at the hands of police, annually. Given the amount of interactions by police in the black community, and the lawlessness of many of these communities, that number would make sense.

Hill, et al when speaking of this stat don’t offer the idea that perhaps in an overwhelming majority of these cases, the cops were justified to kill these people.

Hill says these blacks were “unarmed.” Like in the Michael Brown story, where the unarmed gentle giant was shot with his ‘hands up?’

For Hill it doesn’t matter that Brown attacked the cop and would have shot him, had he gotten his gun. He was indeed unarmed when he was shot.

And what of Eric Garner, another unarmed black man who was one hot dog from a heart attack to begin with?

Nevertheless, the argument of “28 hours” is bogus, as this article on the Washington Post website points out:

The figure “every 28 hours” comes from an April 2013 report titled “Operation Ghetto Storm” by the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement. The report analyzed officer-involved killings of African-American victims in 2012. The report “is a window offering a cold, hard, and fact-based view into the thinking and practice of a government and a society that will spare no cost to control the lives of Black people,” according to the preface.

The report looked at the deaths of 313 African-American men, women and children in 2012, who were killed by police officers, security guards or “vigilantes.” Vigilantes are defined “self-appointed enforcers of the law” who had immunity under self-defense legal protections such as the stand-your-ground law or the castle doctrine.

If you divide the number of hours in a year (8,760) by 313 deaths, it does come out to one death per 28 hours. But the rest of the claim is problematic.

Among those killed in 2012, 136 people (44 percent) had no weapon on them when they died. That negates the claim that people who were killed “every 28 hours” were unarmed. Since the study looked at police officers, security guards, police officers moonlighting as security guards, and “vigilantes” that do not fit under any of the other categories, the claim that an African American is killed “every 28 hours” by a police officer is also false.

The “every 28 hours” figure is being quoted by thousands of people, including those who accurately cite the figure based on the report’s findings.

The report’s author, Arlene Eisen, wrote in an article in September that the use of “every 28 hours” as a standalone figure oversimplifies the point made in her report, which was to “prevent future extrajudicial killings of Black people by those paid or sanctioned (security guards and vigilantes) by the national security state, it is important to know that these killings are a result of the perpetual war on Black people.”

There is no accurate or comprehensive figure for the rate of homicides by police in the United States. The Killed By Police Facebook page posts news reports of officer-involved homicides starting May 1, 2013. The FBI’s database is limited, and uses self-reported and conservative estimates. It’s even more difficult to accurately study the racial breakdowns of victims who were killed by police. Even so, the data yield an interesting statistic: A white police officer killed a black person nearly two times a week during a seven-year period ending in 2012, according to a USA Today review of the most recent accounts of justifiable homicide reported to the FBI.

In the absence of reliable official reports, it might make some sense that protesters turned to Eisen’s research of news articles, police department announcements, obituaries, interviews with crime beat reporters, social media postings and other sources.

Yet the methodology of this report is curious…

“I don’t think the burden should be on me to prove that it’s an accurate list. I’m saying it’s not accurate. It’s a way undercount. If you want a full count, you should demand it from the Department of Justice,” she said.

Marc Lamont Hill later corrected his on air statement, after PolitiFact rated this claim false in August. Don’t think this dissuaded him to think twice before race pimping.

What I can tell you is about every 4 hours, a black person kills another black person. This is true of whites as well. The problem is white people have six times the population of blacks, so blacks are 600 percent more likely than to kill another black, than a white person is likely to kill another white person.

You won’t hear a Leftist discuss this stat.

UPDATE: Marc Lamont Hill disputes this assertion. I didn’t see the Elder interview, however from what I’m told MLH posted the transcript. The claim of MLH making this quote is in the referenced article, and was not made by me. What was asserted by me is that MLH said this during an interview with him and me on CNN. I requested the video from CNN the day we were both on, but the producers said they were “behind in posting [it].” I have learned that many times interviews are simply not posted, and that is solely at the discretion of the media outlet. Though I disagree with much of what MLH has said, I respect him as a person, and wanted to post this message, since I don’t have the actual evidence from CNN of his statement. I don’t believe in any way this changes the idiotic meme of the Left. Further, I’m posting a Twitter response from MLH on this subject, which I will leave for you to discern.

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