Carson Daly gets slammed but why?

I watched the ball drop in New York with the show hosted by Carson Daly. It was a trainwreck, but that’s not what irked Liberals. Can you guess what their problem was?

It wasn’t Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga singing Cheek to Cheek.


Here comes the train!

The black dude who’s always flexing his pecs took his shirt off and…flexed his pecs. There were two women, one white and very unmemorable, and one Asian, who honestly had no reason to be there, except for “diversity.”

All that said, the thing that was the buzz of the show was Carson Daly wearing an NYPD cap. Being very honest, the show was so bad, I didn’t even notice. One of my researchers pointed out the bruhaha from the Left.

Daly simply could not control the guests, as they took over the final moments of what I saw. It was manic, to say the least, but the banter wasn’t even remotely entertaining.

You might know Daly from The Voice, the singing competition that is really about stars like Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, and so on. Because it’s not about Daly…thankfully.

I think Daly is a nice guy. But let’s face it: Daly gets the gigs because of his looks.

That said, I support his NYPD cap, and I’m glad that it pissed off Liberals.

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