If a CEO did what Obama did

Obama and ALL presidents should just tell the truth during SOTU addresses.

SOTU are like a STOCKHOLDER MEETING. The president is supposed to tell you REALISTICALLY how things are going.

As an employee of the American taxpayer, George Washington felt a responsibility to explain his actions, thereby allowing Congress–the representative of the people–to decide if he, the president was doing the will of the people.

That was back when presidents cared about the country and not getting re-elected.

What we watched with Barack Obama was a farce. No matter how great Obama tried to make it all sound, you’d have to be a moron to believe any of it.


In the real world, where CAPITALISTS have rules, businesses must file various forms, like 10-K, 10-Q, and so on that certify that they are not cooking the books. The CFO has to sign off on the financials, which is why most CFOs will generally get backup from a large audit and accounting firm.

If it is found that the capitalist has reported wrong, they could be delisted from the stock exchange, and a death spiral begins. Worse yet, the CFO in particular, and other members of the management team could be held responsible.

After the Enron debacle, Sarbanes-Oxley legislation put even more teeth in reporting requirements, costing corporations billions to implement, all in an effort to assure the public that their investments in corporations were safe.

The government has no such requirement, and that is why Obama was able to lie with impugnity.

Obama lied about almost everything in this, and all his other SOTU addresses, and he did it with ease. A corporate CFO would have been shaking like a Chihuahua passing a peach pit.

Obama quoted fudged stats in every area of government, like shrinking deficit, the number of insured, unemployment, growing economy! LIE, LIE, LIE, LIE, LIE!!

Obama bragged about the average American family saving $750 a year savings on gas, after families have paid SIX year of $1500 or more using the same figures.

And Obama has the nerve to act as if he work on the rigs as a roughneck in West Texas, in the industry he despises.

“America is #1 in oil and gas…#1 in windpower.”

Obama won’t allow Keystone pipeline, hates fracking, sets impossible offshore drilling standards, but he is responsible for the drop in the price in gas?

Do I need to remind you that Obama is the man who is trying to KILL COAL!

Here are 27 statistics about the middle class that will shed light on Obama’s economy:

#1 American families in the middle 20 percent of the income scale now earn less money than they did on the day when Barack Obama first entered the White House.

#2 American families in the middle 20 percent of the income scale have a lower net worth than they did on the day when Barack Obama first entered the White House.

#3 According to a Washington Post article published just a few days ago, more than 50 percent of the children in U.S. public schools now come from low income homes. This is the first time that this has happened in at least 50 years.

#4 According to a Census Bureau report that was recently released, 65 percent of all children in the United States are living in a home that receives some form of aid from the federal government.

#5 In 2008, the total number of business closures exceeded the total number of businesses being created for the first time ever, and that has continued to happenevery single year since then.

#6 In 2008, 53 percent of all Americans considered themselves to be “middle class”. But by 2014, only 44 percent of all Americans still considered themselves to be “middle class”.

#7 In 2008, 25 percent of all Americans in the 18 to 29-year-old age bracket considered themselves to be “lower class”. But in 2014, an astounding 49 percent of all Americans in that age range considered themselves to be “lower class”.

#8 Traditionally, owning a home has been one of the key indicators that you belong to the middle class. So what does the fact that the rate of homeownership in America has been falling for seven years in a row say about the Obama years?

#9 According to a survey that was conducted last year, 52 percent of all Americans cannot even afford the house that they are living in right now.

#10 After accounting for inflation, median household income in the United States is 8 percent lower than it was when the last recession started in 2007.

#11 According to one recent survey, 62 percent of all Americans are currently living paycheck to paycheck.

#12 At this point, one out of every three adults in the United States has an unpaid debt that is “in collections“.

#13 When Barack Obama first set foot in the Oval Office, 60.6 percent of all working age Americans had a job. Today, that number is sitting at only 59.2 percent.

#14 While Barack Obama has been in the White House, the average duration of unemployment in the United States has risen from 19.8 weeks to 32.8 weeks.

#15 It is hard to believe, but an astounding 53 percent of all American workers make less than $30,000 a year.

#16 At the end of Barack Obama’s first year in office, our yearly trade deficit with China was 226 billion dollars. Last year, it was more than 314 billion dollars.

#17 When Barack Obama was first elected, the U.S. debt to GDP ratio was under 70 percent. Today, it is over 101 percent.

#18 The U.S. national debt is on pace to approximately double during the eight years of the Obama administration. In other words, under Barack Obama the U.S. government will accumulate about as much debt as it did under all of the other presidents in U.S. history combined.

#19 According to the New York Times, the “typical American household” is now worth 36 percent less than it was worth a decade ago.

#20 The poverty rate in the United States has been at 15 percent or above for 3 consecutive years. This is the first time that has happened since 1965.

#21 From 2009 through 2013, the U.S. government spent a whopping 3.7 trillion dollars on welfare programs.

#22 While Barack Obama has been in the White House, the number of Americans on food stamps has gone from 32 million to 46 million.

#23 Ten years ago, the number of women in the U.S. that had full-time jobs outnumbered the number of women in the U.S. on food stamps by more than a 2 to 1 margin. But now the number of women in the U.S. on food stamps actually exceeds the number of women that have full-time jobs.

#24 One recent survey discovered that about 22 percent of all Americans have had to turn to a church food panty for assistance.

#25 An astounding 45 percent of all African-American children in the United States live in areas of “concentrated poverty”.

#26 40.9 percent of all children in the United States that are living with only one parent are living in poverty.

#27 According to a report that was released late last year by the National Center on Family Homelessness, the number of homeless children in the United States has reached a new all-time record high of 2.5 million.

Statistics source TECB


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