Chicago crime stats: Just another year in Lib paradise

 Holy Al Capone, Chicago is still a shooting gallery.

While Chicago ended 2014 with slightly fewer homicides than the year before, 327 more people were shot in the city — an increase of 14 percent, according to the Chicago Police Department.

Yes, more people TRIED to kill other Chicagoans than the previous year. But here is how the media spins this news:

Keep in mind this figure did not include pending investigations of homicides, so as with all government statistics, the numbers could end up worse.

Let’s see what the new year holds, as last year 2,599 people were shot, and that’s up from 2,272 in 2013. My bet is Chicago will have another banner year of murder, and we can only hope that criminals heed Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s advice, and “take it to the alley.”

But the number of shooting victims increased 14 percent, to 2,599 from 2,272 in 2013, the statistics show.


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