Club Gitmo: Sandals vacations for terrorists

Americans are used to flying through hubs in airports. Hubs help us get where we eventually want to go. And under Obama, terrorist have the same rights.

GITMO has become the “hub” for terrorists to fly to the cell of their choice.

Under the watchful eye of Obama and the Department of Homeland InSecurity, five more prisoners were released from Guantanamo. We have now released almost half of the prisoners in GITMO.

As with all GITMO prisoners, they are high risk, and likely to return to battle against the very people who put them in GITMO in the first place.


Sure the prisoners made “pinkie promises” that they would never, ever, fight again before they were released.

The Department of Defense announced Wednesday that five Yemeni terror suspects held at Guantanamo Bay had been transferred out of the facility, despite renewed concerns from lawmakers about the risks of releasing detainees.

At this time, the Obama Administration has not yet decided whether the released prisoners will be able to redeem their “frequent flyer” miles for future trips.


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