Communisms and blacks don’t mix

The “#BlackLivesMatter” meme has brought out the lunatics. I’d love for a Liberal to tell me where BlackLivesMattered more than in America?

Liberals are too stupid to realize that “#BlackLivesMatter” only when it’s politically expedient.

Black lives DON’T matter to black Liberals. So what, a black person kills another black person around every 3.5 hours, that’s just black folks killing black folks.

So what the majority of blacks killed by cops DESERVED IT!

Dan Joseph talked to some of these freaks at a #BlackLivesMatter rally, and one girl pointed out that when white officers kill a black kid, they get a free ticket into the KKK. Is that anything like 72 virgins for the Muslims?


Black lives mattered so much to one white communist guy, he was SELLING his communist newspaper, Revolution.

One woman was asked if she wanted violent revolution, and it took her a second to decide:

“I don’t think these people will be violent…”

That didn’t answer the question.

One girl is convinced that white supremacy is the worst terrorism here in the USA, and another believes that this ‘barbarism’ would be stopped by socialism, and offered that whole system in America is designed to kill black men. Thank God for professional sports!

Putting aside the probable fact that these guys were probably just grasping at straws to legitimize their presence there at the rally, Communism is responsible for more deaths of its own people than any other system in the world. People starved to death or executed for their political beliefs in China, the former Soviet Union, North Korea, Cambodia, Cuba.

Mao killed tens of millions of his own people. Stalin starved the farmers in the Ukraine during years of bumper crops. The atrocities are well-documented.

How well do you think blacks have fared under communism?



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