Darren Wilson declared guilty by black “grand jury”

Ignorant black Leftists only cared about ONE thing in the shooting of Michael Brown, and that is that Brown was black and Wilson is white.

But the Black People’s Grand Jury (BPGJ) met to deliberate on the Darren Wilson shooting of Michael Brown.

As with most things the Left lets their Negroes do, the BPGJ has no legal authority in St. Louis County or anywhere else for that matter; but they do have that nifty sign!

In what is likely SHOCKING news to you, the group did indict former Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson after looking at the evidence for the time it took a hoodrat to sip down a short glass of Corvoissier.


Talk about a kangaroo court, and for more than just the normal reason of being a farce. Was this supposed to be symbolic of something? Perhaps, the ineffectiveness of black minions.

So what’s next?

Think Prosecutor Bob McCulloch will act on this new development?!

Nope, but at least these grand jury members can go back to no having jobs, and being pissed off at the everybody except who they should be pissed off at.

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