Amazing dashcam of life as a cop

Sometimes people do stupid things and get themselves shot.

This video documents a perfect example of that principle played to Liberal perfection.

As this police officer repeated yells, “Don’t move!”, then warns that he will kill him, the officer’s orders are totally ignored.


It was a simple thing for this “hands up” moron to stay alive, but after repeated warnings from this cop, he decided to play Tommy Toughass. All he needed to do was COMPLY, and all is well.

Instead, dude is dead, and another “statistic” that some bleeding heart Leftist can use out of context.

I’ll give you two guesses as to what the cop found? If you guessed “illegal weapon,” you get the prize.

How stupid do you have to be to ignore a rightfully hyped up police officer’s orders, while he has his weapon trained on you?

It should be noted that the driver constantly keeps his hands out of the window, and showed remarkable courage to not move as his passenger was shot dead!

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