“Die-ins” will soon die out

When the Occupy Wall Street movement hit, I predicted it end quicker than a date with Whoopi Goldberg. And it did!

The OWS crowd is made up of the most vile of people, anti-American to say the least.


Having failed under the banner of OWS, the organizers have decided to take up a new approach, and are using die-in/boycott as their new ruse. Their attempt to harken back to the days of Democrats oppression of blacks, with the legitimate “sit-ins” of the Civil Rights Era won’t work.

As Twitchy reports:

It’s taken a few months, but with the organizational help of the Occupy crowd, demonstrators will finally hit the headquarters of the New York Post and Fox News in 2015 with a combination die-in/boycott under the pithy name, “#HAPPYNEWYEARS-Die In And Shutdown Of Racist 1% NY POST/FOX NEWS! Because Black Lives Matter!” The Facebook event page for the demonstration reads, in part:

Die in5

Die in 3

The “die-ins” will die out just as fast as OWS. Even if you sympathize with these #morons, you still don’t want your work or life disrupted, particularly over a non-existent cause.

What the Left needs to learn is when you protest, you should actually have a REAL grievance, and not some politically motivated nonsense.


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