Liberal logic applied to the Keystone Pipeline

Chuck Schumer was on CNN last Sunday talking aobut the Keystone Pipeline. He starts to put down the Republicans because they are calling the pipeline bill a jobs bill. Shaking his head, he says that this isn’t really true.

Shumer defended his statement by pointing out that the Keystone Pipeline will create 30,000 jobs, but they are only temporary jobs.

I’ve never built a pipeline before, but seeing how it goes from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico, I have a feeling that those temporary jobs might give some poor schlubs a few (tens of thousand of) dollars in their pockets.

Apparently for Liberals, to be a jobs bill it has to say ‘job’ somewhere in the title. After all, how can you show that you want to make jobs without the word?

Another thing Liberals like about “jobs bills” is when they SPEND MONEY!

Take for example the American Jobs Act of 2011. It cost $447 Billion (lots of money) and paid people to update schools and roads, as well as flipping old houses. All these things are temporary, are they not.

After the school or road was fixed, the job wouldn’t be there anymore, so by Chucks reasoning, the American Jobs Act wasn’t a jobs bill either.

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