If she weren’t a senator, she’d be in jail

The fringe benefits of being a Senator far outnumber the pay.

What if you could give your realtor spouse a a “heads-up” on a BIG upcoming sale of property?

A real-estate deal worth roughly a BILLION dollar commission is in the works with Diane Feinstein’s husband, Richard Blum.

Did any other local realtors have a shot at this plum deal? Of course not…due to national security issues, right?

The US Postal Service plans to sell 56 buildings — so it can lease space more expensively — and the real estate company of the California senator’s husband, Richard Blum, is set to pocket about $1 billion in commissions.

Blum’s company, CBRE, was selected in March 2011 as the sole real estate agent on sales expected to fetch $19 billion. Most voters didn’t notice that Blum is a member of CBRE’s board and served as chairman from 2001 to 2014.

This feat of federal spousal support was ignored by the media after Feinstein’s office said the senator, whose wealth is pegged at $70 million, had nothing to do with the USPS decisions.

When the national debt is $18 trillion, a billion seems like small change.

To read more, visit the NY Post.

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