The Gay “hook up” app you paid for!

Everything the government touches gets stupid and bloated!

As if Obama hasn’t done enough for the LGBT community, the National Institute of Health spent $432,000 on the research of male homosexual “hook-up” apps on “Grindr.”

If anybody knows how to hook-up without an app, it’s GAY MEN!

As Free Beacon reports:

The study is examining “how and why smartphone applications are used for sexual partnering,” how gay men “present themselves,” communicate, and what they look for on apps like Grindr.

The project is also studying the sexual arousal level of gay men when using the apps.

As explained in one of the study’s aims: “Investigate the sexual and emotional states (e.g., more/less urgency, arousal, impulsivity) that MSM experience when seeking or meeting sexual partners using smartphone applications and gain insights into how these states may contribute to sexual risk behaviors.”

What Gay Liberal got this funding? You know it was either a Democrat bundler for Obama, or an Obama paramour who is being paid off with American taxpayer funds.

Anybody want to bet that there is a Blackberry version of this for Obama’s phone, and his app is more hack-proof than the PENTAGON! 


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