Global Climate Change supporters called prostitutes

Global climate alarmist are finally being called what they really are.



As reported in The College Fix,

Dr. Terry Hughes, in an interview with The College Fix, said researchers want to keep federal funding for climate change alive, and politicians want to earn environmentalist votes, and both predict global pandemonium to that end.

Hughes, a professor emeritus of earth sciences and climate change at the University of Maine, said for years his colleagues urged him to be in lockstep with former Vice President Al Gore – “the drum major in the parade denouncing global warming as an unmitigated disaster,” he told The College Fix.

But Hughes – who believes global warming is actually a good thing because more carbon dioxide is good for the environment in many ways – said he does not want to march to that beat.

“Too many (the majority) of climate research scientists are quite willing to prostitute their science by giving these politicians what they want,” he said.

By now, only a moron would believe that “global climate change” is anything more than weather. But the amount of money that has gone into this propaganda machine is incredulous, and many of these people paying and accepting the bribes should have been jailed years ago.

The elitist Left would truly like the critical thinkers of the world to go away. How great would a world full of morons be for these political frauds.


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