Harass a police JANITOR?

It’s bad enough that this man has a menial job.

Being a janitor is a noble profession, but a noble is does not make. Janitors are not aristocrats, 1%ers.  A janitor is just a guy doing his job.

And if that job happens to be at a police station, it doesn’t make him a cop, any more than standing in a garage would make him a car. But Leftist terrorists don’t care.

Guilt by association…or LOCATION?


And that’s why protesters in Portland, OR demonstrated out front of the police union building on Christmas eve, and when this man drove up, they immediately began to assume that he is a racist cop, and they launch into the “I Can’t Breathe” song.

The man claimed he was the janitor, but that didn’t stop the protesters from shoving cameras in his face and accusing the man of being drunk, even asking if he could do a sobriety test.


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