Holy Michelle Obama: Ticketed for this?

The nanny state is at it again, and this time it could get us all.

Madison Turner of Alabama is eager to hear what the judge has to say about his eating while driving, because he was not cited for speeding, or driving erratically by the Georgia officer who ticketed him.

Granted, people do some pretty stupid things while they are driving, but getting ticketed for eating a burger while driving?

As USA Today reports:

Attorney Tom Salata said he’s never seen anything like it. He says there’s usually a driving offense involved.

The law is fairly broad. It’s illegal to do anything that would distract “from the safe operation of such vehicle.”

“I have pulled someone over before for failing to maintain their lane. It was a female who was eating a bowl of cereal heading to work,” said Sgt. Stephanie Stallings of the Georgia State Patrol.

Was the officer right in issuing the ticket, or is this incident symptomatic of our growing police state? Is there anything one CAN eat while driving? What else will cops begin ticketing for, like listening to music, or talking.

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