Kevin Jackson debates NAACP on Hannity

Cornell Williams, President of the terrorist group known as the NAACP debates Kevin and David Webb, while on Hannity.

Asked if Sharpton should be advising the president and mayor of NYC, Kevin laughed and said

“No, he should be in jail!”


Kevin then went on to talk about all the crap Sharpton has done, and Hannity points out that all the time that Obama got involved, he always ran his mouth before any evidence was made.

“The cops acted stupidly”.

Of course the obligatory liberal doesn’t think that Obama rushed to judgement (it amazes me the level of denial these guys have) He then goes to talk about concerns about policy, i.e. police brutality, and says that doesn’t make you anti-police. Perhaps.

However, that isn’t why people think Obama and Sharpton are anti police! The consistent rhetoric of taking the side that isn’t the police, leading a march that calls for dead cops, just making the assumption that everything action by the police has a nefarious motive makes you anti police.

This tactic is typical of liberals, it’s basically misdirection. Giving an answer that isn’t quite an answer seems to be the how things are done.

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