King Salman: the new head of Saudi?

Saudi Arabia may have a new head, but ironically three criminals just lost theirs.

What better way to assume a new dictatorship, than chopping off a few heads, and that’s just what happened as the new Saudi King Salman was appointed.

What crimes you may ask warrant a permanent separation between head and body?

Two of the three people were executed on drug charges, while one was for incest. That’s punishment I might be able to get behind!

As reported here:

According to an AFP tally, their executions bring to 16 the number of Saudis and foreigners put to death this year under the kingdom’s strict version of Islamic sharia law.

Four have been executed since King Salman took office last Friday after the death of his predecessor Abdullah.

Under Abdullah, the number of executions jumped from 27 in 2010 to around 80 annually, with 87 last year.

The oil-rich Gulf Arab state faces constant international criticism over its human rights record, including the use of the death penalty.

And they say Texas has the death penalty!

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