How the Left sees lameduck Obama

The only thing worse than an incompetent Liberal president is a competent one.

And lameduck Obama is about as competent as Liberals come.

However Leftists are so invested in Obama’s failure, that failure is now required for vindication, as weird as that sounds.


As Politico described Obama’s realization of his last two years as a meaningless has–never-been:

Yet his newfound realism has also given him a palpable sense of liberation.

The president, finally, is much freer to talk about things that matter to him. He discusses issues of race in a far more personal way, more frequently, than he ever did in his first term. He is more prone to speak his mind on contentious social issues, to the point of volunteering that, in his younger days, “I got high’’ — an unusually blunt take on his past that aides say they would have prevented before his reelection, fearful of how his critics would use the sound bite.

Obama now freely admits he got high? No revelation there. Now if he admitted that he’s still governing high, well, again not exactly a secret, but a  good start.

The article goes on to say:

Obama still hasn’t accepted the extraordinary isolation of being president. But he’s become more deliberate in finding ways to break out, particularly as he suffers the early onset of empty nest syndrome. With his daughters around less, the Obamas are taking fuller advantage of the perquisites of the office, such as squeezing “A Raisin in the Sun” on Broadway into a recent Manhattan fundraising trip.

Is this idiot writer trying to convince us that Obama is just now going to begin basking in his free time as president? Believe it or not, that’s exactly what the writer is claiming.

In a departure from a long practice of keeping his personal circle strikingly tight and rarely lingering at official events, Obama has been hosting star-studded dinners that sometimes go on well past midnight and inviting a few newcomers such as former NBA star Alonzo Mourning into his social sphere. He’s playing golf more than any other year, replacing basketball as his go-to sport, partly because of concerns about getting injured.

The Left says Obama has nothing to lose. He can move forward with his agenda with no worries about re-election or the preservation of the Democrat Party. His work is done.

So here comes more spending, more taxes, more illegals, essentially more Liberalism.

If it weren’t for that pesky electorates, especially the Tea Party, Liberals would have their ultimate success, which is the failure of America.


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