Some Leftists hitting the bong on Obama legacy

Is all of Left America tapping the bong?!

Apparently not, as Obama’s poll numbers are still lower than grandma’s sagging…well, you know.

Apparently however, there is still kool-aid on the shelves in DC, as Jonathan Chait had this to say of Obama:

“It is my view that history will be very generous with Barack Obama, who has compiled a broad record of accomplishment through three-quarters of his presidency


“[The Obama’s administration] has made the United States dramatically more prosperous, more egalitarian, and more sustainable. In a remarkable reversal from his predecessor, he has made the government functional and placed it on the side of those who most need its help.”


If you measure by dramatic growth of people on food stamps, rampant unemployment hidden by fraudulent numbers, then perhaps Obama has performed well.

Or perhaps it’s Obama’s ability to escape enough scandals for at least TEN fully white presidents?

Or perhaps Chait is proud of Obama’s debt or deficit, or the decimation of the military. Then again, he might be proud of Obama’s record in race relations?


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