Liberal absurdity: Ferguson Museum

It’s not enough that the Left want Michael Brown to be the new Rosa Parks of a 21st Century Civil Rights movement. But now this!

Believe it or not they now want to create a museum of Ferguson. Yes, Liberals want to enshrine this nonsense!


Here’s what’s being said:

From street-artist paintings on boards protecting store windows to signs bearing the now iconic statement, “Hands Up. Don’t Shoot,” cultural images from the Ferguson protests have become firmly established in recent Missouri history.

So now the Missouri History Museum is gathering images, recordings and items to chronicle all of this.

This collection is not for an exhibition, they say; as if anybody would pay to see this. But they actually see this as “history,” again as Liberals see it, the second coming of the Civil Rights movement.

And if you really want a laugh, the Library and Collections director for the museum, Chris Gordon says it is rare to be able to document such an historic event in real time.

History? If this guy believes a black guy being a thug, then being killed by the cops is history, then that better be one HUGE museum.

Gordon says the goal is to show all sides and all perspectives. Sure. Like the Civil Rights museum in Birmingham, AL that makes no mention of Democrats as racists.

This is a perfect example of why government should not be allowed to have the checkbook.


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