Lingering Liberalism of Ferguson

If you think the Liberalism exposed in Ferguson is over; think again!

The side-effects of Liberals are worse than the disease.


According to this report from KMOV,

Authorities said six people were arrested after shots were fired near a Ferguson business Tuesday night.

Ferguson Mayor James Knowles said there was a burglary call at a burned out beauty supply store around 6:00 p.m. When police arrived, Knowles said shots were fired near the scene.

Dozens of officers from multiple agencies responded to the “shots fired” call.

Police briefly closed down a section of West Florissant.

Nearby business told News 4 the beauty supply store has been a target of thieves and have requested the mayor put a fence around it. Knowles said he will look into the possibility of putting a fence up but noted it is a private business and the fence could be a safety hazard.

What was a formerly peaceful little suburban town has become a shooting gallery for displaced Leftists. The same demographic that live in the government-mandated housing are the very same people committing the crimes in Ferguson and [insert any city] here.

The Left won’t be happy until citizens protecting their property begin shooting criminals. Then the Left will make criminals out of law-abiding citizens.


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