Majority favor LETHAL racism?

According to a NY Times editorial writer, a majority of whites support law enforcement violence perpetrated against blacks.

The writer was responding to a comment on Twitter about a recent tragic, police shooting, in Cleveland, per Twitchy:

“Activists perhaps should have focused less on Michael Brown, more on shooting of 12-yr-old Tamir Rice in Cleveland″@NickKristof

“Doubt that would have helped, Nick. Healthy majority of white public supports police action in death of blacks – no matter what”@BrentNYT

“The issue lies not in the facts of the cases. It lies in the normative, white view of those facts – where lethal racism resides”@BrentNYT

So what bad doctors annually kill far more black children, grandmothers, widows and orphans, ALL unarmed, than all cops combined do in 20 years. Those stats don’t pay the Liberals’ bills.

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