How about making HARVARD FREE?!

Obama is playing games with education, baiting the Republicans.

Don’t worry, I have the way to make Obama eat his words, so we don’t have to rely on the Republicans in office.


As one of my friends Robert Oliver points out:

Funny that the White House came out with this as the new congressmen have been sworn in.
Now we have a Republican majority in the House and in the Senate, you can bet that Obama’s proposal will meet opposition as they have to approve funding for such a measure.
Did Obama talk to the Speaker and to the Majority leaders about this proposal? Look at this
I’m guessing this is exactly what Obama wanted so that he can accuse the Republicans of being “obstructionist” and “not caring” about education.  That makes him the persecuted political martyr and the new Republican-controlled Congress as the evil villains.
Great theater for the State of the Union.
Obama was counting on opposition from the start.
Robert is right. However, the Republicans can easily turn this on Obama and the Left, and ask Obama to make the first two years of Ivy League schools free?
Why do we never discuss the unfair education system, a system that has obvious inconsistencies in both admissions and outcomes. Harvard is undoubtedly BETTER than community college, so why not call for FAIRNESS in education across the board?
What exactly are Ivy League minority enrollment rates, and would they meet EEOC guidelines? No!
Harvard is 80 percent white, 5 percent black, 7 percent Hispanic, and only 3 percent Asians. And we all know that Asians perform better than whites, so why are they not DOMINATING the student body of Harvard.
And what of the graduates? Do they get the same jobs as their white counterparts? If we are going to dig, then let’s all SHOVEL UP!
Here’s a question to ask Obama. How many community college attendees currently serve in HIS administration? Does he know? Think he cares? Do they tout “community college,” when they tout their credentials?
Allow me to answer for him. There are NONE!


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