Meet your ObamaCare nurse

This may be a tragic story for some, but it actually gave me a chuckle, as it is exactly what I expect of ObamaCare.

A nurse killed at least 30 people, and is going to jail. But I predict nurses like this will one day be part of the ObamaCare team.

As reported by The Examiner:

A former registered nurse, already imprisoned for attempted murder, confessed that he killed at least 30 patients in the German hospital where he worked, a court was told on Thursday. The 38-year-old confessed to taking the lives of the patients by intravenously administering overdoses of heart medication to his unsuspecting victims, according to European news media.

The serial-killing nurse’s murder trial began in September 2014 in Oldenburg, Germany, during which the prosecutor accused the “angel of death” of murdering three patients and attempting to murder two others. An expert witness, who had conducted psychiatric tests of the deadly nurse, testified that the defendant had admitted to the criminal charges he faced during his trial, as well as admitting he over-medicated another 90 hospital patients, 30 of whom died.

Don’t be surprised if Obama gets this nurse pardoned and makes him the “Death Panel Czar.” If not him, then what about this solid citizen?



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