Mia Love, a Token?

There are lots of tokens in America, but Mia Love isn’t one.

That doesn’t stop the acerbic Left from calling her one.

If only Mia Love would THINK BLACK!” – The Democrats

Toe the line or else, Mia. Daily Kos writer Denise Oliver-Velez says of Mia Love:

It is clear that Tea Party Republican Ludmya Bourdeau “Mia” Love, newly elected to Congress from Utah’s 4th District, won’t care what a vast majority of black folks think about her, since her job is to be trotted out and displayed as part of the faces of color brigade to prove that Teapublicans aren’t bigots…

The Teapublican Party now has another brown face to shove in front of the cameras to somehow convince white people that the party isn’t racist…

I think we understand who the racists are. Find more on this story at News Busters

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