Suddenly Michael Brown stands for $15 min wage?

Leave it to Leftists to take what they called the Second Civil Rights movement, and morph it into a call for a $15 minimum wage!

What happened to Obama’s $10.10 plan? Obviously it’s not enough, as $15 is the new bar for “fairness.” At least until Liberals move the bar again.

According to a new project that tracks “Progressive” lunacy, Liberals terrorized a Subway:

$15 Now, the movement to raise minimum wage to $15 an hour, is organizing protests in fast food places across the country. Portland is no exception.

Now they have teamed with up Don’t Shoot Portland, the Michael Brown/Eric Garner/Tamir Rice/Ferguson protesters, and they directed their rage toward a Subway located at Portland State University.

And then there was this Town Hall meeting, where terrorist took over:

“The gangs are this man right here!” shouted one of the protesters, as she pointed to Senator Ron Wyden at a Portland town hall. “We’re just gunna take over this town hall right now” they say, after Wyden offers to let them speak early at the event. They start to shout their normal stuff, people in the crowd start to heckle the protesters, and one of them shouts back, “respect our cause!” They somehow link the Ferguson/Michael Brown/Eric Garner/Tamir Rice/I Can’t Breath movement to the $15 Now! minimum wage movement.

Other folks were there to protest the Trans Pacific Partnership, but those folks were quickly attacked as the Ferguson protesters say “You’re being rude and interrupting”. “You’re showing hatred” they say to another person who attempted to quell the madness. “We’re taking over the town hall now. It’s our town hall. It belongs to the black people.”




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