Minority graduation rates

Would you believe any statistics that come from wackademia on graduation rates for the poor?

I don’t believe the graduation rates for the GRADUATES! Athletes get rinky-dink degrees, and so do most minority students.

When you consider that SAT scores are graded equal as follows:

  • Asian 1460

  • White 1320

  • Latino 1190

  • Black 1010

You begin to get a clear picture, when you see that  wackademia considers a black person 1010/1460 or 69 percent as smart as an Asian.


Let’s face it, any college or university that offers “Ethnic Studies” and other such nonsense degrees is undoubtedly in it for the money.

So when I discovered that U.S. News has used exclusive data to analyze how successful colleges and universities have been at graduating their low-income students compared with their overall student bodies, I level-set for the outcome.

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, education is a ruse, and here is how the ruse works:

  • Give lots of money to kids you’ve convinced they are smart by altering the statistics.
  • Help them get through school on Affirmative Action quotas and falsified graduation rates.
  • When they can’t get jobs, make sure there is plenty of welfare available.

That is the cycle, and the business of wackademia just keeps on rolling along.

The study was to measure the relative graduation rate performance of students who have received Pell Grants, recipients generally being undergraduates with family incomes of less than $20,000.

A federal college rating plan originally outlined by Obama was to measure the effectiveness of Pell Grants, but as with all things Obama, they aren’t able to measure because of the current inadequacies of the data collected by the U.S. Department of Education.

Under the Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2009, schools must disclose the graduation rates of (1) students who received Pell Grants, (2) students who received subsidized Stafford loans but not Pell Grants, and (3) students who received neither.

These three separate graduation rates indicate if a college is successful in serving students from different income levels, but the complete data are not currently being collected by the Department of Education.

And lucky for Obama they don’t have the data, which would prove that poor minority kids graduate less.

What does this mean? Universities are not handling “diversity” well, and thus the schools will need to further dumb-down, ergo graduate more unqualified minority students in order to make up for the institutionalized racism.

See how simple that was!

All of this is to help Americans determine the 2015 Best Colleges rankings, Consider that we have tiered rankings, and the ruse, the “system” becomes more clear.

The three separate graduation rates are not part of the methodology for the 2015 Best Colleges rankings, but this important measure of student outcomes may be incorporated into the rankings model in future years.

Sure, after Obama is gone. After the Liberal figure out how to make Conservatives responsible for a failed education system?

Ask yourself a very simple question, and that is, “Why don’t Liberals attack colleges and universities for disparity in outcomes?” In other words, why do kids from a 4-year state school not sue their school for not achieving what graduates from Harvard achieve?

Fairness in OUTCOME, right?


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