Another Hollyweirdo gives “expert” advice to Americans

Hollywood stars endow themselves with “expert status” various issues, much like Elizabeth Warren became an Indian; because she wanted to be one.

Robert Redford fancies himself an expert on climate change, though he has no background in meteorology, and obviously doesn’t understand the concept of WEATHER!

Redford held nothing back, as he blasted Republicans for “living in the 1950’s” with regard to “climate change”.

“Somebody has got to start looking at the bigger picture here and telling what the real truth is, so you don’t have people like Mitch McConnell giving you truth that is falsified,” Redford said in an interview.

“He represents the polluters’ interest because he is living in the 1950s. So for me we are missing real leadership. Instead we have a guy who looks like he just slid out from under a rock trying to propose an idea that is simply not that truthful. Somebody has to get to the truth of what this is all about.”

Read more at Fox News

I heard the Senate voted overwhelmingly to fund global climate change, and we will report on that soon…

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