Multiculturalism is a pig on ice

Multiculturalism works one way and one way only: The Conservative American Way.

There was a time when to be American meant something. It didn’t matter where one was from, to be American was the greatest thing in the world.

For that reason, America has been the envy of the world. The Arabs can build their golden cities, but nobody wants to be UAE, or Dubai, or whatever.

The same is true for all other countries, and I say this with respect. Britain is a nice country, but it’s no America. France is a “great place to visit,” but I wouldn’t want to live there. Soon, I won’t want to visit there.


These countries have tried multiculturalism, and it’s a failure, because they have lost their identities. It’s one thing to invite a culture to come over, bring the best it has to offer and assimilate. It’s another thing altogether to allow other cultures to dominate your existing culture, until it is no longer recognizable.

The French, et al allowed Muslims to come to France and run roughshod over them. The Muslims disregard the laws and terrorize the French with the permission of the politically correct, “live and let live” tolerant socialists. Most of these people left their “Allah-forsaken” lands, because they lived like pigs. And given the first opportunity at civilized life, they decide to turn their new homes into a pig sty.

As one of my researchers put it:

The French and European model of liberal multiculturalism is an abject failure. There are over 700 French no-go zones run by Islamists throughout the country, and ruled under sharia. This is absolutely insane! It’s also the same model our liberals are adopting with their amnestied immigration push so they can pad their own votes for at least another election or two. It’s a model that requires nothing of the “immigrant”, and every kind of sacrifice of their host nation to help them create their newly formed micro-nation. There are already parts of American cities (Houston, LA, Dallas, etc) where English is no longer spoken, just like French is no longer spoken in parts of France. We once had an immigration model that worked, it was called “assimilation”, and it encouraged people to become and succeed as Americans. Without assimilation, we all become the French, victims of our own liberals lies.

The only thing separating America from France is the lingering American Spirit possessed by a waning number of true Conservative patriots, and our GUNS!

Obama has squandered The American Spirit.


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