Obama is the American Sniper

The movie American Sniper is out, and it explores the exploits of Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle. But if they move were called “Liberals Claim He’s American Sniper,” then I’d say the movie is about Obama.

Talk about picking off the greatness of America one issue at a time!

There could be an argument that Obama is not a sniper, but a C4 vest-wearing Jihadist.

Obama is America’s biggest domestic terrorist!


The lameduck president who just got his parties’ butt kicked in Nov 2014 election is suddenly relevant!?

If the issues raised during the latest State of the Union were so important to Obama, why didn’t he tackle them when he (1) had complete control of Congress, (2) had control of the Senate?

Oh, that’s right, he was working on things like, killing the economy with ObamaCare. Obama’s “investment” in healthcare is killing business, and excellence in healthcare.

Prior to that, he fired a trial balloon in the auto industry, where Obama paid cash for clunkers. And what of the $50 billion we loaned GM in order to get $40 billion back. I guess we should be thankful that Obama only lost $10B in that deal, and GM cars only killed a handful of people.

Obama first order of business is the safety of Americans. Exactly how many radical America-hating terrorists have been released from GITMO by Obama, with the promise to release more. And how would you feel as an “ally” of Obama, given his track record in Benghazi and elsewhere.

Obama pumped over $6 trillion fake dollars into this economy, and the REAL unemployment rate is 9.9 percent. And this buffoon is bragging about it. He touted 11 million new jobs, without a word about the net LOSS of millions of jobs, or the people who are so dejected they have quit looking.

When Obama leaves office he will have created more debt than all other presidents combined and then some. And what did he tout during the SOTU? MORE DEBT! Free child care, free community college, FREE LUNCH! Does Obama even remember his blatant lie to cut the deficit in half by the end of his first term?

So what was Obama actively working on?

He gave the LGBT lots of goodies, helped illegals get better rights than citizens, and stirred up racial tensions, just for fun!

And he was just getting started.

Obama ran guns to Mexico in an effort to get a run to the American border. It worked.

Border crime up 300%, but Obama remains defiant that illegal Mexicans are GREAT for the economy! He believes this so much that Michelle Obama brought Ana Zamora, a person in America illegally to sit with her during the SOTU.

And the Left wonders when we say that illegals are treated better than American citizens.

Frankly the list of atrocities by Obama and his administration are too long to mention.

So the question was posed, why Republicans haven’t offered solutions. That’s always the Left’s fallback position. This coming from the group whose leader is at the constant ready with “pen and phone,” to circumvent Congress, or veto anything they propose.

The better question is why would Republicans have done ANYTHING, knowing that a terrorists occupies the White House?

I’d love for Democrats to explain how the Republicans would have (1)  gotten by the Senate, and (2) avoided a veto by Obama!!

Liberals are terrorists, playing games with American’s lives and fortunes.


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