Obama’s social media: the death of class

After the State of the Union, Obama was interviewed by three YouTube “stars.”

The man who won’t meet with Netanyahu, was willing to meet with nobodies; all because the Left wants to test social media theories.

Here are some excerpts from their riveting conversations with internet maven GloZell Green that are sure to please:

Like when GloZell Green asked Obama about the administration’s policy on Cuba, saying that Fidel Castro “puts the d*** in dictatorship.”

Or when Green offered Obama green lipsticks as gifts to the ladies of the house including, as she put it, one for “your first wife.”

“My first wife?” Obama said. “Do you know something I don’t know?”

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Kevin often says that Obama routinely tests our sensibilities when it comes to showcasing his ignorance. I know the Left likes to portray Obama as “ordinary Barack,” however the office still demands a certain amount of decorum.

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