Palestinians show love: Love of hating Jews

From the “Religion of Peace” files, what better way to raise children than to teach them to hate?

Children in Palestine are encouraged to hate and kill Jews on a TV show.

The sunny-yellow bumble-bee character from “Pioneers of Tomorrow” is really a “killer bee.” And as Blessings Buzz reports:

First, the creepy bumble bee mascot tells a caller to “make a fist” and “turn their faces into tomatoes.” Not only that, but he encourages throwing stones at the Jewish people as well.

It only gets worse when the young host starts a conversation with a guest on why she wants to be a policewoman when she grows up. It leads to the guest saying, “I will shoot all the Jews.” The host replies, “All of them?” The guest says, “Yes.” With satisfaction, the host says, “Good.”

Don’t expect America’s Liberals to discuss “tolerance,” when it doesn’t fit their narrative.

The same is happening in America with young blacks. It’s not quite as overt, but the outcome is the same.

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