Saudi Arabia: No freedom of videography

“Take a picture so it’ll last longer” is not a good idea in Saudi Arabia.

A man who recently captured beheading on video was arrested for his crime.

Beheadings are no secret in the Middle East, at least with ISIS. Perhaps Saudi Arabia is trying to corner the market?

“Pork bellies, Mortimer!”

According to Reason,

Beheadings are an accepted form of criminal sanction under Sharia law, although it is not identified as an explicit punishment to any specific crime. Saudi Arabia is the only country left in the world that still hands out beheadings as a punishment. The Saudi government beheaded at least 83 people in 2014, but unlike ISIS it isn’t seeking to publicize its beheadings. Now a man who captured a recent beheading of a Burmese woman in Mecca who was convicted of killing her husband’s daughter is under arrest. According to The New York Times, the Interior Ministry says the man will be prosecuted for cybercrimes.

And you thought filming cops was bad?

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