St Louis Cop shot: Just life in the city

Did Obama and Holder put targets on the backs of cops? Ok, of course he did!

Two cops were gunned down in New York City, and the killer specifically said it was for retaliation in the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner, and now we have a shooting in St. Louis of an off-duty St. Louis City police officer.

The 28-year old male officer and four-year veteran had surgery after he was shot multiple times while driving his personal vehicle north on North 25th Street in the Hyde Park neighborhood.

According to police, the suspect is a black male who was driving a grey vehicle.

I know…SHOCKING that the suspect is a black male!

“An off duty officer had been driving down this street in his personal vehicle when he came across an occupant or occupants in another vehicle,” described Capt. Sack. “We don’t know what transpired, but the occupant or occupants of that other vehicle opened fire at the officer.”

In case you’re wondering why there is a police presence in the neighborhood, two residents who live less than a block from the shooting scene report gunfire is heard in the area on a weekly basis.

Tiniki Steele commented:

“It is not people who live in the area; its people coming through the area,” she added.

Tina Bradford said she liked her neighbors but her house has been hit by gunfire three or four times since she moved in three years ago. She’s getting out.

Steele on the other hand says she and her husband plan to stick it out.  Both women said the area had a problem with break-ins and home invasions several years ago.

“We need more cameras in the neighborhood and we need better cameras because this is something that doesn’t seem like it is gonna go away,” Steele said.  She is reluctant to let her children go outside and play or ride their bikes.  “You never know when it’s gonna take place.”

Yes, the city is run by Democrats, and the alderman, Freeman Bosley Sr., is a black man who “represents” the area, and he could not be reached for comment.

My bet is he was handing out EBT Christmas cards to his constituents.



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