St. Louis Cops remove scum from streets

Another gentle giant on his way to college was shot and killed by a cop in St. Louis.

This solid citizen was part of a duo who “undocumented shoppered” somebody’s car, then emerged with a Tek 9 to greet the cops in pursuit.


What is the world coming to when black men are shot by the cops for simply carjacking, putting the public in danger by evading police, then pulling guns on cops? “Hands up!”

In case you’re wondering how the cops were able to respond so quickly to the call to shoot black people, St. Louis Police Chief Sam Dotson said there were officers in the area because of all the violence and theft. Did you catch that excuse? Like Chief Dotson can actually make us believe that where black people live is HIGH CRIME?

The story is two black men were driving a stolen Monte Carlo, and when the police saw them. The suspects decided to run.

As the police pursued, the suspects’ vehicle hit a retaining wall in an alley, rendering the car immobile.

At this point, the passenger got out and pointed his 9mm weapon at the officers. While he didn’t actually fire, he didn’t drop it when told to do so, and he was “dispatched.” He is now a statistic for some bleeding-heart Liberal to use for RACE PIMPING!

Post-Ferguson, the bureaucrats established the Force Investigative Unit. This “unit” is made up of mostly Liberal leeches, and is supposedly designed to placate the unreasonable masses. This shooting will be investigated by the “unit,” and like Holder’s federal probe of Ferguson will prove to be a waste of taxpayer money.

I say this is another story for the good guys! Way to go STLPD for not succumbing to political correctness, and removing a piece of scum from the streets.

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