New terrorist supporting Twitter trend

The Twitter hashtag #JeSuisCharlie” has given way to “#JeSuisCouteau” aka, “IAmAKnife” in support of a Palestinian terrorist who knifed 11 people in Israel.

The “no true Muslim” lie dissolves, when one sees the support for murderers and terrorists that comes from none other than the White House:

According to Breitbart:

The popularity of the trending Twitter hashtag #JeSuisCouteau is puzzling, given everything we’ve been told by our political and media elites about the way Islam has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with terrorism. They’ve actually told us Islam is less friendly to violence than any other world religion. If that’s the case, who are all these people posting enthusiastic messages of support under #JeSuisCouteau?

Nobody in Obama’s administration has uttered the words “Islamic terrorists,” and just recently John Kerry defended this position.

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America has become the leading exporter of ignorance in the free world.


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