Two more NYPD cops shot

Given the media feeding frenzy over cops, it’s hard to believe that two more NYPD cops were shot, right?

Liberals would have you believe that being a cop is an easy job; a walk in the park. The public should be afraid of cops, not the other way around.

This attitude coming from bourgeois cocktail-sipping Leftists who are practically immune from crime,  hiding behind their gated communities, or their doormen, in their 1%er communities.

Of course this lifestyle qualifies them to judge those who are mired in crime daily.


For the sane, it’s no surprise that a manhunt is under way for at least two suspects who shot and wounded two New York City police officers responding to a robbery in the Bronx.

Two “gentle giants on their way to college” were apparently looking for book money when they robbed a grocery store.

The officers were coming off their shift when they and three other plainclothes officers responded to a report of the robbery.

The shooting occurred as officers  spotted two possible suspects in the robbery — one outside a Chinese restaurant and another inside it.

According to the police commissioner, when the officers got out, the suspect in the restaurant opened fire. The officers did the politically incorrect move of shooting back, and I’m sure there is a liberal group somewhere looking to discipline these police for endangering these two or more undocumented shopper.




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