At least with capitalism we BUY our toilet paper

If you go to Venezuela anytime soon, you might want to take some Charmin or a New York Times, and don’t take the Times to read!

That’s because toilet paper is just one of the items you can’t get in the socialist utopia.

As Twitchy reports:

Breibart News’ John Sexton, well known for his award-winning blog “Verum Serum,” and Bill O’Keefe (@DefendWallSt) are offering Americans an important international perspective by looking at Venezuela, where some protests — but mostly long, long lines and the #AnaquelesVaciosEnVenezuela (“empty shelves”) hashtag — have been inspired by chronic food shortages in the country.


Venezuelan National Guard hold groups of people back from getting at food store
Venezuelans are not allowed to take pictures of long grocery store lines. Can be banned from stores
While Venezuela’s super Mario look-a-like president is hob knobbing with Arabs in Saudi Arabia, people wait for food
There are long lines in which people wait for hours (sometimes overnight) at many grocery stores.

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