Voting is too white

Leftists are truly racist morons. They look at everything in ethnicity.

The NAACP was part of a campaign called Vote Hard. Thankfully this wasn’t former Congressman Anthony Weiner’s campaign slogan.

Truth be told, black Liberals are the biggest voting bloc in the country, given their propensity to vote early and often. The rules for blacks in America are EXACTLY like the rules for whites, just as the rules for driving are the same.

However, America still has idiot enablers who are constantly looking for ways to help black people out.


As reported in the Leftist rag, The New Republic:

Rescheduling local and state elections, ending the disenfranchisement of felons, and abandoning the Electoral Collegeeven if we could achieve all these changes, we’d still have an electorate that disproportionately represents white voters. The current gap is simply that wide. In 2012, total turnout was 72 percent white compared to a 2010 Census voting-age population that was just 67 percent white. And nearly five years after that Census, with whites an even smaller share of Americans at large, the 2014 midterm electorate was 75 percent white.



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